This is the proposed Phase 2 of The WHEELS Museum. This building, to be constructed perpendicular to the current WHEELS building at 1100 2nd SW, will more than double our current space, and be home to live steam locomotives as well as other major large exhibits. A gift shop, cafe, information center, offices, library, offices and other functions will be held in the new space as we combine our 100 year old building with a brand new building for Albuquerque and New Mexico. The total WHEELS space will be over 46,000 sq ft. We seek grants, sponsors, donations to help our all volunteer 501c3 realize our goals of revitalizing downtown neighborhoods and bringing hundreds of thousands of visitors to WHEELS and the rail yards for generations to come. The former heart of our city can again beat with activity and progress. Please call Leba Freed for more information or any help 243-6269