Presidents Corner Jul 2012

July 29, 2012

Dear Friends,

WHEELS hosted its second train day in early May and we were thrilled to greet more than 1300 visitors to see the hundreds of model trains on display, and all the full size exhibits! We appreciate all the visiting model train clubs that joined us, and the fabulous Twisted Mojo band. And a huge thanks, as always to the board, fund raising committee and all the volunteers who are bringing WHEELS to life. 

The world’s fastest motorcycle was on view, a car show presented by the Rainbow Riders car club, and the gorgeous new model of the Alvarado Hotel created by Dan and Cheryl Keith, were special highlights. Everyone had a great time looking at the new BNSF Diesel locomotive on display and learning facts about railroading from our own Dave Elwood, retired AMTRAK locomotive engineer. We met and talked with people who had worked in the shops, Mr.Turpen, Mr. Harwell, -what a special treat that was.

Hundreds of children, including some dressed as Thomas the Train stood, mouths open, staring at the HO, O, N and garden gauge model trains in motion going around those bends. Yes, WHEELS has had many “bends” but mostly uphill. Please join our all volunteer effort as we steam ahead, saving and redeveloping the most important historic site in New Mexico. Please call 505-243-6269 to volunteer, or with any questions or ideas.


Leba Freed
President, The Wheels Museum Board