by Donald S. Dreesen
This article was written in 1980 and published in the New Mexico Genealogist, March 1980.

1980: This is the 100th anniversary of the coming of the railroad to New Mexico. Prior to that time, the military was the chief representative of the United States in the Territory. After the railroad arrived, homesteading was opened and many people came. The rail companies advertised extensively their “emigrant” trains, which would move a family and all their belongings by rail. One member of the family, or someone hired for the purpose, was allowed to ride in the box car with the live stock, farm equipment and household belongings, while the other members rode the passenger cars. The rails made the west attractive.

A review of the Albuquerque Business Directory for 1883 shows that 275 persons connected with either the Atlantic and Pacific or the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroads are listed. Yet it appears that most of these moved on to other locations within a few years.

To obtain a more accurate listing of the early railroad families of Albuquerque, a collection of biographies, “Nineteenth Century Pioneers of Albuquerque” was screened for the names of those connected with the railroads before 1900, yet who settled in Albuquerque for a period of years. Ninety-three of these are in the following list.

Abell, Henry (-1943): 1896 railroad fireman; married 1902 Bertha Thomas (1881-1971); lived in Belen 1910-24; died in a train accident at Gallup.
Ainsworth, Thomas: 1896 railroad machinist; 1891-2 street commissioner.

Andrews, John L.: 1883 carpenter in A&P yards; 189__: potentate of Ballut Abyad Shrine. Antoine, Leon: 1889 came to Albuq. from Alsace-Lorraine; 1896 railroad painter. Died about 1920 leaving a widow, Mary.

Archer, William (1842-1928): 1883 carpenter at A&P Railroad shops lived in Highlands addition; later a contractor in Albuquerque.

Beavan, John S. (1862- ): married 1889 Mary A. Calvert; 1889 came to Albuquerque as employee of A&P Railroad; coal merchant, alderman and county treasurer.

Beck, Joseph: 1896 railroad helper, lived on Atlantic Ave.; wife was Caroline; general foreman of blacksmiths of A.T.&S.F.

Bell, Lavic S.: 1896 engineer lived at 923 S. Third. Resident here as late as 1914.

Birtman, Frederick A.: 1896 machinist for A.T.&S.F., lived at 308 Baca; resided here as late as 1914.

Bixler, Arthur; 1896 railroad engineer, lived at 713 So. Third; here as late as 1919.

Boatright, David H. 1883 foreman of painters at A.&P. shops: later in dry goods and lived at 220 S. Edith with wife Rose; mayor of Albuquerque; president of building and loan company.

Bocklett, Mark: 1896 railroad fireman; 1909 roomed at 702 E. Central.

Bonnell, John E. (1848-1928): 1883 carpenter at A.&P. shops; until 1923 was a patternmaker for the National Foundry here; in 1923 moved to St. Joseph, MO.

Boyle, John (1850- ): married Mary (1855- ), both born in Ireland; 1880 a railroad employee; 1883 ran a saloon on Central Avenue between 2nd and 3rd. One child was born in Missouri in 1878 and another in New Mexico in 1879.

Brennan, Joseph C.: 1883 a carpenter at A.&P. shops; was a carpenter here until his death about 1917; his widow Jennie was a bookkeeper here for several years and in 1928 was in Valentine, Texas.

Brown, Frank R.: 1896 railroad car repairer; railroad carpenter and contractor; until 1930’s lived in 700 block of West Coal; his widow, Annie E., lived here as late as 1941.

Brown, Perry: 1886 came from Winslow as a trainman with A.&P.; invented “Brown’s Balloon Smokestack” for locomotives; about 1892 died from injuries resulting from a fall from a train; widow married Harry J. Rehder, a locomotive engineer, who died in 1926 after being struck by a train in Gallup. She died in September 1927.

Bucklin, Delos Scott: 1883 a carpenter at A.&P. shops; a builder; lived on North Broadway with wife Maria; 1923 lived on East Tijeras.

Cameron, Peter (1860- ): married 1886 Mary Cain; married 2nd wife 1895 Viola May Shaw; 1887 came to Albuquerque and worked with A.&P. Railroad for two and one half years; went back to Canada and Michigan; 1911 returned to Albuquerque and joined Albuquerque Foundry and Machine Works.

Chavez, David Sr. (1856-1936): married Paz Sanchez; 1895 came to Albuq. and was employed by A.T.&S.F. Railroad; father of Judge David and U. S. Senator Dennis Chavez.

Clark, George Crook: 1887 Surgeon for A.&P. railroad hospital in Albuq.; 1890 moved to Fullerton, California as first doctor there.

Cobb, William Henry (1860-1909): married 1891 Eddie Ross (1862-1945); came to Santa Fe in 1879 as a surveyor for the railroad; 1889 returned to Albuq. and bought out photographic studio which was operated by his widow until 1939.

Coen, Stephen B: 1896 car inspector later foreman for A.T.& S.F.; 1919 his widow Nellie and children lived at 213 W. Hazledine.

Conley, John A.: 1883 carpenter at A.&P. shops; master mechanic lived at 906 Williams; died in 1910’s, survived by his widow Victoria.

Cosgrove, James H.: married Amanda M. ( -1928); 1896 car inspector for railroad for many years.

Craig, Alexander E.: 1896 carpenter became foreman; lived with wife Louise at 607 S. Edith for many years.

Crary, Charles E.: came from Ganado, Ariz., and in 1896 was paymaster and treasurer of A.&P. Railroad; lived at 420 West Gold and was founder of the Albuquerque Commercial Club built in that block; wife was Hattie F.

Davern, John E.: 1896 railroad conductor; lived here more than 20 years.

Deacy, William H.: 1883 laborer for A.T.&S.F.; stationery engineer for wool mill and water works.

Dennison, W. C.; 1883 cashier for A.&P.: lived here as late as 1896 as assistant live stock agent for A.T.&S.F.

Donohoe, John: boilermaker came to Albuq. in 1890; left a widow and children here in 1909.

Doyle, Thomas: 1896 a switchman; 1913 his widow Hannah lived here with D.J. Rankin.

Dreyfus, Joseph: 1896 a car cleaner who worked for railroad as late as 1913; lived at 1524 S. 2nd.

Drury, James H.: 1883 master carpenter at A.&P.; lived here in 1909 at 619 S. Edith.

Dullea, Dennis: 1896-1909 conductor for A.T.&S.F.

Englehart, James: 1896 engineer for A.&P. Railroad; 1909 engineer for A.T.&S.F.

Erickson, Eric A.: 1896 boiler shop helper; 1915 machinist for A.T.&S.F.;

Eunson, John: 1896 carpenter for A.&P.; 1909 car inspector.

Fenner, John H.: 1896 engineer for A.&P.; 1913 engineer for A.T.&S.F.;

Fetters, Bob: ( -1928) call boy for trainmen; came to Albuquerque from Cerrillos with his mother, Mrs. Butlers; about 1900 moved to Chicago.

Fox, Wm. P. (1838-1910): 1885 came to Albuq; 1896 assistant foreman of carpenters until his death.

Franchini, Ettore (1880-1968): about 1898 came to Albuq. and worked in A.T.&S.F. shops; later went into grocery business; married Primia Bartolini (1881-1965).

Frost, George H. (1841-1911): 1882 came to New Mexico from Indiana And became a railroad conductor; his widow was Arminda H. (1849-1928).

Goff, James T.: 1883 blacksmith for A.&P. railroad; 1923 with wife Bertha lived at 716 W. Roma.

Gorman, T. A.: 1896 conductor who lived on Atlantic between 3rd and 4th; 1914 wife lived in same area.

Grant, Angus (1843-1901): 1880 contractor with brothers, built railroad bridges on A.&P. west from Albuquerque; had many business interests in Albuquerque; married Joanna McMillan ( -1883). A nephew was D. A. MacPherson Sr. (1869-1957).

Greenleaf, Edward E. (1855-1939): married 2nd wife Caroline (1858-1923); 1896 brakeman for more than 25 years.

Guillon, Petrus A. (1850-1927): 1896 came to Albuquerque as chef for Fred Harvey; operated Savoy Hotel; 1910 planted vineyards at Bernalillo.

Gutman, Louis: 1898 car recorder; lived for many years in Martinez town area.

Hall, James Wilfred (1861-1925). married Genevieve Steele; 1896 brakeman; conductor; lived at 210 S. High; his brother A.P. Hallcame here as railroad man in 1880 and later went to Galveston, Texas; another brother E. Channing Hall was also a railroad man in Albuq. for a few years before going to Pennsylvania to continue railroad work.

Hall, R. P.: July 1880 reached New Mexico to work For A.&P. Railroad; 1887 bought Albuquerque Foundry and Machine Works; by 1901 had moved to Los Angeles.

Harward, William T.: 1883 night watchman for A. & P. railroad; 1892 patented 160 acres at Lomas and Washington.

Hatch, Andrew (1850-1928): 1883 came to Albuq. to work for railroad shops where he was a carpenter for 40 years.

Haynes, John Roger: 1896 surgeon at A.&P. hospital; lived at 1008 So. Arno; married 1902 Juanita, dau. of Perfecto Armijo; also had a home in Park View, New Mexico.

Heady, Samuel D.: 1896 railroad conductor; lived here for 20 years.

Hennessy, James: 1896 helper; 1901 engineer and lived at 316 W. Coal

Hobbs, Maurice: 1883 a carpenter at A.&P. shops, lived in Old Albuq. as late as 1917.

Hogan, Hugh M.; 1896 came to Albuq. from Vincennes, Ind. and became engineer for A.&P. Railroad.

Holman, Jehill H.: 1896 railroad engineer living at 415 E. Iron; his family was here after 1909.

Ives, Byron Henry: 1883 a carpenter at A.&P. shops; 1896 lived at 319 Baca where he built a greenhouse; married 1904 Helen Andre (1870-1918). His greenhouse at 908 S. Fourth was a landmark for more than 60 years.

Jacobson, Jacob P. (1869- ): came from Denmark to Albuq. in 1899 an a machinist for A.T.&S.F.; dismantled old Albuquerque electric plant and moved it to a new location; dairy and flour mill 4 miles north of Old Town.

Jones, Frank Meredith ( -1923): civil engineer located railroad right of way from Colorado line to Albuquerque; settled in San Miguel County and married Fannie Kronig.

Kaseman, George Ambrose (1868-1938): 1887 worked for Fred Harvey in New Mexico; 1891 came to Albuq. to work for the Santa Fe Railroad and remained in that work until 1899; married 1923 Ana Trexler (18751964); 1924 became first president of (new) Albuquerque National Bank.

Keith, Arthur F.: 1896 car inspector, conductor; 1931 with wife Lee B. lived at 1429 W. Central.

Keleher, David S. (1850-1903): 1880 lived in Albuq; went to Lawrence, Kan.; 1888 returned to Albuq and became a tinsmith for A.&P. Railroad; father of lawyer-historian W. A. Keleher.

Keppeler, Charles L. ( -1918): 1896 car repairer; lived for many years at 922 So. Edith; widow Margaret survived.

Knapp, George R. (1838-1889): 1883 yardmaster for A.&P. Railroad; 1896 his widow Adeline H. was public librarian and lived at 400 S. Broadway.

Kuhns, Joseph Henry Jr. (1856-1916): 1880 railroad engineer in Albuq.; 1892-93 grand master of New Mexico Masonic Lodges; 1895-96 president of Albuquerque Board of Education; 1896 railroad storekeeper.

Little, William Henry: 1896 car repairer; yard foreman: lived at 608 No. 4th. Marshall, J.C.; 1883 patternmaker foreman for A.&P. shops; 1895-96 member of Board of Education; his wife Sarah A. ( -1911) had a greenhouse just west of her cottage at 121 S. Arno.

Matson, Orville Arthur (1871-1942): married 1900 Lora Fox (18761966); came to Albuq. 1895 as a bookkeeper for A.T.&S.F.; stationer, county treasurer, tax collector, treasurer of Sons of American Revolution; secretary of Elks Club.

McCanna, Peter Frederick (1865-1922): married 1892 Ellen Moran (c. 1863-1953); came to Albuquerque late 1880’s as chief clerk of A.&P. Railroad; 1890 purchased real estate and insurance office of J. F. Armijo.

McClurken, William T.: married Lena L.; came to Albuquerque in 1894; railroad brakeman and conductor; lived at 324 No. 12th.

McCoy, John B.; 1896 railroad foreman; railroad storekeeper; lived at 619 S. Broadway.

Mearns, William G.: came here in 1880s as railroad engineer; married Rachel Scotti; operated Savoy Hotel on So. 1st for decades.

Miller, George Daniel ( – 1956): married Mattie (1879-1968); came from Missouri; railroad fireman and brakeman.

Miller, Jesse E.: 1896 conductor; lived on South Arno as late as 1909.

Newton, A. Lewis (1872-1905): married 1894 Emiline Vaughn; moved to Albuquerque about 1897 to work in Santa Fe Railroad shops.

Nixon, W. C.; Agent for A.T.&S.F.; April 1881 built a house in Highland Addition.

Nohl, Frederick Alber (1867-1959): married Jessie Keeton (1878-1948): 1882 worked in Belen as office boy for A.T.&S.F.; 1886 came to Albuq. to work for A.&P. Railroad; conductor.

Ridley, Matthew M. ( -1911): married May E.; 1883 boilermaker for A.&P. shops; 1909 president of Albuquerque Foundry; lived at 616 S. Walter.

Rueb, John I.: 1896 railroad fireman; engineer; 1923 lived at Elks Club.

Schmidt, Charles J., 1896 railroad engineer; married Caroline and had 4 daughters and 1 son; lived at 610 W. Coal.

Schultz, William H.: 1896 brakeman; his widow lived at 100 E. Lead for many years. Sheehan, John P.: 1883 baggagemaster for A.T.&S.F.: married Margaret; lived at 415 W. Silver.

Sheetz, Frank (1860- ); in Albuquerque in 1880; 1883-96 head clerk for A.T.&S.F.

Spellacy, John B.: boilermaker 1883-1901.

Stewart, John H.: 1896 brakeman; conductor as late as 1923; lived at 416 W. Coal.

Strain, William T.: 1896 switchman; brakeman; 1923 his widow lived at 403 So. Broadway.

Summers, James A. (1832-1906): married 1866 to Jane Robertson (18471909); 1882 came to Albuquerque to work for railroad; 1883 book store at 2nd and Gold: probate (county) clerk until his death.

Thomas, Benjamin ( -1905): married Mary H.; came to Albuquerque in 1880 as a railroad carpenter; 1901 rooming house at 509 S. Third.

Tierney, Martin S. ( -1927): married Mary Goff; came to Albuq. in 1883; a boilermaker; insurance business.

Wells, A. G.: 1883 head clerk for A. & P. Railroad; 1896 general superintendent of A. & P. Railroad.

References: Are cited under the individual’s name in “Nineteenth Century Pioneers of Albuquerque” filed in the Special Collections of Albuquerque Public Library and UNM Zimmerman Library.

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