Presidents Message

Dear all,

Lots of good news as we enter the holiday season. We are especially thrilled that the local ironworkers union will be providing all the labor and materials for the railing in front of wheels. This is a major step in getting us up to city code and allowing us to be open to the public. This railing will be very decorative and include wagon wheels, car parts, antique tools and much more, giving us a unique sense of place. This very valuable contribution is very appreciated by Wheels and we think will help with future fund and friend raising.
We will attend the Santa Fe Railyards Market with a booth Dec. 12 and on December 13 will be at the Railyards Market in Albuquerque in the black smith shop. The Wheels Museum will be open 11-4 as well.
We met with councilor Ike Benton recently and the conversation strengthened our relationship with the city for permanence, growth and funding.
Our holiday display of hundreds of porcelain scenes is up and shining at wheels, complete with Santa train. We have several new showcases with exhibits of trucks, Route 66, antique cars and more.
Ace Leadership High School selected Wheels for its science fair held 2 weeks ago and we expect a permanent partnership with them for education and events.
December 9 we are hearing the presentation from masters’ students at UNM on a marketing and strategic plan for Wheels. We hope to use this plan at the legislature, etc.
Wheels is always seeking new volunteers, donations of items for exhibit or sale, and ideas from all our friends, old and new, about how we can improve the museum and our efforts to help Albuquerque and New Mexico.

Love to all. Leba