Presidents Message

Dear friends,

Passion + Persistence + Partners + Progress = WHEELS. This has been the equation for WHEELS’ success for more than twenty-five years. When I saw the Railyards property in 1994 I fell in love. We formed a 501c3 non-profit organization in 1999 and with the help of so many we now have a site on the Railyards, our seventh location.

We have a fabulous team and exhibits worth about 4 million dollars. We also have a private gorgeous railcar, The Silver Iris, which is now AMTRAK certified and ready for excursions.
Nothing would be possible without the work and commitment of many people including:

  – Scott Rhodes who has been on our Board of Directors since day one.
– Willard Eastman who has been with us forever.
– John Minks who has been a stalwart for over a decade.
– Sandy Ginsburg, Rest in Peace, who was in charge of twenty-five fundraisers.
– Joe Cromey who has lifted, thought and worked on many projects.
– Dick Barnitz, a retired BNSF engineer, who has just completed a World War II exhibit.
– Lynn Lewis who has great design ability and talent.
– Dr. Tom Sims, Coordinator of Volunteers.
– Patti Santillo, who has worked extensively on the Alvarado Room exhibit.
– Dr. Dave Hartson, who has given us hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of model train layouts and so much more.

While it is impossible to thank everyone in this letter, I love all of the volunteers, donors and visitors.

We recently had fifteen Navajo orphans visit us recently and people come from around the world; everyone with joy, experience and with ideas, suggestions, paint brushes and kind words.

We are all working to help save the iconic Albuquerque Railyards, grow WHEELS and create educational programs to inspire the future of New Mexico.

Please call (505) 243-6269 or e-mail me at: with any ideas, thoughts, suggestions or for more information. 

I love you all and thank you!