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Sing Along event with “Hobo’s Lullaby”!
Wednesday, September 14 at 11:00 AM. at WHEELS Museum 1100 2nd St. SW
Admission is free; donations are gratefully accepted. RSVP: (505) 243- 6269

Sing-Along leader Dan Matthews has led small sing-alongs at Albuquerque Folk
Fest for many years. Dan gets a little help from his friends (Dave Shead, Nancy
Koenigsberg and Bill Foote), known as “Hobo’s Lullaby”, with strong voices
leading scores of people in rousing, meaningful and joyous songs. Dan’s joy is
singing with people, not singing for people.

The formula for the WHEELS Sing-Along is:
1) A list of familiar and very sing-able railroad and travel songs,
2) Comfortable keys accompanied by guitar back up
3) Lyric sheets for everyone (who remembers all the words?),
4) We will sing out strong, so you feel comfortable singing too.

Among the songs you can join in singing:
• People get ready (there’s a train a comin’)
• City of New Orleans
• Rock Island Line
• Hobo’s Lullaby


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